In the Sixth Commandment, Why Did God Forbid Murder?

There are three reasons Chase, age 11, would never murder anyone: 1) “It is wrong to take a gift of God”; 2) “If you think about it, I don’t believe you would want someone to kill you”; and 3) “You don’t want to go ZZZZ! in the electric chair.”

Yes, life is a gift of God. In the creation account of Genesis, God breathed into Adam the “breath of life, and man became a living being.”

God not only gave us physical life but created us “through his own image,” says John, 11. Actually, that’s “in his image,” John. This is the key to understanding why murder is so terrible.

The Bible doesn’t explain what constitutes the image of God. Though scholarly debate has raged through the centuries, certain facts concerning God’s image in us are indisputable, says theologian Millard J. Erickson.

First, every person is created in the image of God, so there’s innate dignity to being human. Second, God’s image in people has been tarnished — but not lost — as a result of sin. Third, there’s no indication God’s image is more present in one person than in another.

When religious leaders asked Jesus whether they should pay taxes to Caesar, he asked them whose image and inscription were on a Roman coin. “Caesar’s,” they replied.

“Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s,” Jesus said. Jesus’ logic implies that because people bear the image of God, their lives belong to God. And it could not be right for man to arbitrarily destroy what belongs to God.

“We should not kill because it’s against the Lord’s laws,” says Adam, 8. “You might not get caught, but in God’s eyes, you’re caught.”

The first murderer, Cain, thought he had committed the perfect crime. He killed his brother, Abel, and buried him when no one was looking, or so he thought. When God asked Cain the whereabouts of his brother, he replied, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

God judged Cain by placing a curse on him. Later, under God’s laws given to Israel, intentional murderers were executed.

Cain murdered his brother for the same reason people murder today: anger. The Bible says Cain became “very angry” when God rejected his offering and accepted Abel’s.

“God tells us not to murder because you’re supposed to love your enemies,” says Brandon, 10. That’s it — replace anger with love, and there’s no motivation to murder.

In Jesus’ kingdom, the world is turned upside down. If someone slaps you, offer the other cheek. If people curse you as they cut in front of you on the freeway, bless them. If they spitefully use you, pray for them.

“But what about my rights?” you ask. Listen to Matthew, age 11: “Because God has created everyone, their judgment is in his hands, not ours.”

God is capable of judging evil, and believe it or not, he actually loves those who are causing you grief. Have you considered that God wants to demonstrate his love through you?

“Our tormentors, no doubt, count on our resistance and anger to support their continuation of the evil that is in them,” writes author Dallas Willard. “If we respond as Jesus indicates, the force of their own actions pulls them off their stance and forces them to question what kind of people they are.”

Remember, “God made all of us and loves us,” says Meg, 11.

Point to ponder: Respect the image of God in all people.

Scripture to remember: “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you” (Matthew 5:44).

Question to consider: Have you allowed God to transform your heart so that you love your enemies?

US Murder Laws, Types And A Criminal Attorney

US Legal Definition
Murder is one of the most dangerous offenses all around the world. United States is also not any exception in this regard. However, many people in this country are not familiar with the laws related to the offense. Most of them do not even know the legal definition even. But they cannot be blamed for this. Because both state and federal laws in the case of murder are the most complex of all the criminal laws.

As far as the precise definition of murder is concerned, it is not the same in all the jurisdictions. In US common law, killing an individual unlawfully with malice aforethought is regarded as murder. What is this “malice aforethought?” It is the “predetermination” or “premeditation” which is a unique element for murder.

According to the “Model Penal Code,” murder is any kind of killing committed intentionally or knowingly or purposefully.

Types Of Murder In US
Under the most modern law of US, there are four types of murders:
1. Intentional.
2. Killing someone with intent to cause serious bodily injury.
3. Killing resulting from recklessness or depraved heart.
4. Offense committed by an accomplice during committing, attempting or escaping from certain felonies.

These are general classifications. There are also classifications of murders according to degrees. Here is a brief discussion about them
1. The one that is premeditated as well as willful is called murder of first degree.
2. Thee one that is not premeditated or planned in advance is the second degree one.
3. The one in which no prior intent was there to kill the victim but the circumstances were such that the offender was emotionally or mentally forced to commit the offense is known as voluntary manslaughter.
4. The one in which the victim was killed unintentionally but due to criminal negligence is known as involuntary manslaughter.


The punishment differs according to the type of the offense. Here is a brief discussion:

1. In case of second degree offense, the offender will either be life imprisoned or get jail imprisonment for any other period of time.
2. In case of first degree offense, the offender will be sentenced to death or life imprisonment.

These are the most common ones. But the punishments vary from state to state. But whatever the punishment is, even the least punishment can destroy your life.

Requirement Of Legal Representation
So from the above discussions you must have already understood that a charge of murder will require adequate legal representation to get free from such a charge. You will need the assistance of a very good criminal attorney to fight a charge of this serious offense. Because a good criminal attorney will be able to provide you the proper guidance to how to face the cops, how to face the trial, how to face the sarcastic questions of the prosecution and so on. All in all, you will be able to face a murder charge successfully and give your future a better chance.

Hosting a Murder Mystery Party

Murder mystery parties are an exciting way of spicing up plain old office parties and birthday celebrations. During the party, each guest is a suspect trying to guess who among them has committed murder. Murder mysteries allow everyone in a party to get into the action and test out their acting skills.

Games can go on for hours and prevent party lag that usually happens during these types of social events. Being the host for a murder mystery party can be a lot of fun, if you know how to plan your party to give your guest a memorable night.


Murder mystery parties are an exciting way of spicing up plain old office parties and birthday celebrations. During the party, each guest is a suspect trying to guess who among them has committed murder. Murder mysteries allow everyone in a party to get into the action and test out their acting skills. Games can go on for hours and prevent party lag that usually happens during these types of social events. Being the host for a murder mystery party can be a lot of fun, if you know how to plan your party to give your guest a memorable night.

Plan out Your Guest List

As the host, you need to determine how many guests will be invited to the party. Combining a murder mystery with holiday, birthday and other celebrations are a popular option. By knowing how many guests will be coming you can choose a murder mystery game that is best suited to your party location, occasion and number of participants. For instance, boats and hotels may be the perfect setting for a larger party while smaller parties of 12 to 24 people will work great in the home or office setting. Make sure you invite guest who won’t mind letting loose and can get enthusiastic about role playing.

Order a Kit

Thriller kits provide all the details needed for the party. They can be purchased at novelty game stores as well as online. Some games even allow you to download the game instead of waiting for it to be shipped too you. The choice of murder mystery kit will determine how successful your event will be. Though elaborate kits cost more they also help create a unique party experience that will not be repeated, especially if you regularly attend or throw murder mystery parties. Kits tend to include scripts, guest lists, invitations and costume instructions. Theme games are available specifically for younger children, teenagers, Halloween, Christmas and era themes where guest get to dress and act like individuals from past decades.

Interactive murder mystery kits online can easily be customized for 100 or even 200 guests. These games also usually have more elements than just solving a murder and often incorporate more humor. Guests may be required to participate in dance games and solve puzzles as part of the fun. For a murder mystery game for the office, team building skills will be emphasized. These interactive games use themes based around popular TV shows, well known celebrities and familiar places. Though it will require more work, you can also create your own scripts, characters and party theme instead of buying a kit.

Get the Party Started

Depending on which type of murder mystery game you play, you might send out your party invitations with information on which character each guest will be playing. If so, include information on how guests are expected to dress. You can also choose to provide costumes, food, drinks, decorations and party favors that tie into the theme of the murder mystery.

Every guest should be given all the background information on their character when they arrive such as jobs and marriages to create a believable portrayal. Though some murder parties include a sit around the table dinner, buffet or cocktail style dining allows guests to mingle with each other and reveal clues about the murder throughout the party. Popular party favors include items that tie into the theme of the Thriller such as a journal book for writing down clues or magnifying glass to examine the evidence.

Changes to Gun Ownership Laws

Guns are Killing Machines

It was a beautiful day in April, 1996, with lots of tourists around the Port Arthur jail ruins in Tasmania. The weather was perfect for a great day looking over this exciting and historic site. Some were just arriving in busses others were already enjoying their tour. Some were inside, some outside and some were having lunch in the café. Suddenly and without any prior warning shots rang out and people started falling into their lunches when a crazed gunmen fired around inside the restaurant.

Within seconds 20 people were dead and at least 10 were wounded. Then he moved outside to the coaches and chased passengers around in the parking lot. Many hid behind trees while others sheltered behind the busses. Then in his car he opened fire on a mother shielding her two daughters whom he also shot.

Finally two policemen arrived and he held them at bay while sheltering in a guest house with two elderly hostages. A stand-off lasted for 18 hours before he accidentally set fire to it and was almost incinerated. Fleeing the burning building he was then taken into custody. By that time there were 35 dead and 21 wounded. It was Australia’s worst ever massacre.

The Australian government under the leadership of John Howard acted immediately. A week or so later (May 5) conclusions were drawn that firearm ownership was not a right and self-defence is not a valid reason to own firearms. On 10 May 1996 the gun program was comprehensive enough to be implemented immediately. There was no time for debate, no arguments against the decision. Every pump-action shotgun and all semiautomatic firearms (even of.22 rim fire caliber) were banned from private ownership. The government opted to pay people to turn in such firearms for destruction over the course of the following year.

This was sensible action that saw licensed shooters protest violently against the new laws. But they did not suffer except that now they must belong to a registered shooting club. There are other criteria in play as well.

With recent mass shootings in the United States one must ask why, now two months or more after the murder of 20 children and six adults at a primary school, the same decisive action has stalled. If people are allowed the benefit of owning weapons surely there has got to be logic and common sense applied to them.

Naturally enough the gun laws in Australia have not prevented crime and many are killed by guns still but there are no mass killings as before. If people are denied the weapons for committing mass murder the thinking is that they won’t do as much damage with knives (also banned by Australian government) or hand guns. This has been borne out in the time since Port Arthur.

Money speaks and there is a lot of it being made as people panic and buy up weapons following such outrageous events as those described above. So why is it more important for a few to make themselves wealthy by selling these weapons to anyone who wants them. They are surely profiting on the graves of innocent victims whose lives are cancelled in an instant by this kind of tolerance and insanity?

First Degree Felony Murder in Colorado

If you are under investigation or if you have been arrested for any criminal homicide charge, you need to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who is knowledgeable in Colorado law immediately. It is essential that you politely exercise your legal right to remain silent by refusing to answer any questions posed to you by law enforcement without your attorney present. If you are a person of interest in a criminal investigation you might very well be a suspect.

Criminal charges as serious as first degree murder will require an extremely skilled and effective defense. Your attorney may need to employ the help of expert witnesses that are trained in DNA evidence, blood spatter, ballistics medical science or psychology.

How is first degree murder set apart from other forms of criminal homicide? First off, it is considered the most heinous form of murder and is therefore punished as such. First degree includes the elements of deliberation, premeditating and malice aforethought. In other words, first degree murder is the kind where somebody makes the conscious decision to murder another human being and then takes necessary steps to carry out that plan. First degree murder does not happen by accident.

If you are convicted of first degree murder in Colorado you are typically facing one of two sentences: One, life without the possibility of parole and two, the death penalty. In most cases a person who is convicted of first degree murder will be sentenced to life without parole, but there is no guarantee.

In Colorado a person can be convicted of first degree murder for extremely cruel, heinous and depraved acts. First degree murder can involve any acts where the person was lying in wait to kill their victim; for example, hiding in a closet or in the backseat of a car. Or, they can be convicted of first degree murder for killing a police officer, firefighter, federal agent, judge, juror or other government employee.

The suspect can be convicted if they intentionally killed a pregnant woman, knowing that she was pregnant or if they committed the killing because of a prejudice against the person’s race, color, ancestry, religion or national origin.

There are a number of circumstances that can lead to a first degree murder conviction above and beyond the ones aforementioned. If you are under investigation or if you have already been arrested for a criminal homicide charge a private Denver criminal defense lawyer will give you the best chances to overcome the charges against you. Your future and your life are extremely important and they should not be compromised by hiring a weak or inexperienced defense attorney.